The Challenges

This modern, custom-designed house boasts five bedrooms on four split levels and a double garage. With a keen eye for detail, the owners were determined to get the dream house that was just right for them and their growing family. The owners also wanted the house to have the highest insulation possible, and a super-fast construction.

With COVID-19 materials and shipping delays disrupting the overall design and build process, and changes in design concepts, the project faced many hurdles before being moved to the construction stage, which was completed in November 2020.

Despite these delays, completing the house build as quickly as possible was a necessity.

To meet those challenges, a local Builder Sasha Veselinovic from Unique Style Homes, and a founder of Panelup, an innovative Offsite Manufacturing facility, chose to build this project using a Panelup Prefab System, which uses Bondor’s InsulWall® and SolarSpan® products to create a well-designed and highly insulated home.

As featured on episode 3 of 9Life's Renovate or Rebuild.

The Solution

Many assurances were needed on the design and thermal requirements to ensure overall project success. Sasha’s Panelup Prefab System, combining both InsulWall and SolarSpan delivered this confidence.

Managing Director Sasha Veselinovic said he has used Bondor’s products since 2013.

“We built an Offsite manufacturing (OSM) factory around Bondor’s products, and we developed our own prefabricated system using Bondor’s SIP Panels, which is the only system of its kind in the World,” Mr Veselinovic said.

“Back in 2013, we did extensive research on which supplier to use, and Bondor was the winner by far and still is. Using our factory built prefab house components, and Bondor’s SIP panels, we currently have the fastest house building system in Australia. This project is a perfect example, and its only one of many that we did in recent years.”

This five-bedroom two-storey house (over four split levels) used InsulWall® for all external walls and SolarSpan® in Colorbond’s Woodland Grey for the roofing. Bondor supplied the insulated panels to a Panelup factory, which were then cut and joined together using 3D computer technology, and custom-made machinery to fabricate external walls, loaded in open-top shipping containers, delivered to a jobsite, and craned in place using only one team of carpenters. 

The house itself was built in just seven days to lock-up stage thanks to how easy the panels and prefabricated components fit together. It’s a revolution to the construction industry in Australia.

“Bondor’s high quality products are an innovation which should be used on every Australian home, with huge price increases on traditional products, shortage on labour and timber materials, this is a perfect alternative, especially as a great way to support Australian made products. You would need to spend a fortune on a traditional home to achieve a level of Insulation and air-tightness values that this home has,” Mr Veselinovic said.

The owners love their new “penthouse-style” house. Since moving into their home, they have noticed the immense thermal benefits, with Bondor’s panelling keeping the house at a cool, even temperature all year-round, and greatly reducing the need for air conditioning in the warmer months, hence energy bills reduced for the lifespan of their home.


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