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Innovative Insulated Panels & Architectural Products

About Us

Unrivalled Experience and Independent Advice

Bondor® is Australia’s leader in complete thermal building solutions and lightweight architectural panels. More than just the leading manufacturer of insulated panels, Bondor®has unrivaled experience in design assistance and construction.

As Australia’s only manufacturer, distributor and installer of EPS-FR cored panel, Factory Mutual Approved PIR cored panel and Factory Mutual Approved Mineral Fibre cored panel, Bondor® is in a unique position to be able to offer our customers impartial advice on the right insulated panel solution to meet their needs.

Founded in the 1950s, Bondor® offers the most comprehensive range of insulated panel products and systems available. As the developer of the original patented Slip Joint which makes the system work, Bondor® is constantly working on solutions for industrial and commercial building customers across Australia.

Quality and Innovation are Bondor’s Hallmarks

Bondor® panels feature outer pre-painted skins of COLORBOND® steel from BlueScope® Steel, and are produced to the highest standards in the industry. Only Bondor® covers Australia from coast to coast, with experienced, long-serving staff in every state.


As a business, Bondor® has been at the forefront of the Australian panel industry for over 60 years. More importantly, Bondor® people individually have significant experience in manufacturing and installing panel to suit Australian conditions and to meet Australian building codes and regulations. Being an Australian business is important to us, and whilst we enthusiastically embrace lessons and new product developments from around the world, we are proud that our experience is predominantly in Australia forged in Australian conditions for Australian building requirements. Bondor® people have grown and learned the Australian building industry and will continue to do so. We have a dependable team of experienced staff across Australia. At Bondor®, we are ready to meet any challenge. Whether for a complex major project or a small do-it- yourself kit, we can develop an economical solution, combining extensive knowledge of product capabilities and customer requirements. Better still, Bondor® people are never far away. Based in every state of Australia, we are readily available to discuss customers’ needs. Armed with years of experience in their own local markets, Bondor® people understand the particular needs of particular areas – and yet they can draw on the combined knowledge and expertise of the entire Bondor® network to develop innovative solutions to new and different project challenges.

Experience a History of Innovation

Bondor® developed and patented the original “slip joint” (tongue in groove) system for joining insulated panel in Australia in 1986. Prior to this all EPS-FR panel was flat steel adhered to EPS-FR, the joint was a small aluminium H section, usually with a masonite spline “join a mould” panel. Bondor’s new approach greatly improved the panels performance including its performance in fire rating tests. It then took some years for the use of this design to move from Architectural panel into cold storage and food processing applications; and for competitors to break the registered design protection and copy the joint. More recently Bondor® have developed SolarSpan® and InsulWall®, the ingenious insulated residential building products, which when combined produce InsulLiving®, Australia’s next step towards zero energy housing. This product offers builders and designers a fully engineered, Building Code of Australia compliant building system, that is purpose designed for use in Australia and is even acceptable in cyclonic regions.