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Bondor’s Trusted Core Options

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What are Bondor Insulated Panels?

Bondor® insulated panels consist of outer BlueScope® COLORBOND® steel sheets, bonded to a central insulating core. The outer face takes the compressive and tensile loads; whilst the core transfers shear load between the faces, providing a high bending stiffness. The physical properties of the insulated panel are significantly different to either component on its own; the panels can span much further than they would as separate elements, resist higher loads and reduce or remove the need for structural framework.

Insulated Core Options

Bondor’s insulated panels have three different core options. Designers should consider carefully which of the three core options is most suitable for their application, as in many instances all three may be a viable construction material option for the intended application.

When making panel core selection choices it should be noted that although some panels have a lower R-value per thickness, using a thicker panel of the same or a different core type may in fact be more economical, as improved spans can lead to less fixing points and supporting materials being required.

The following summary provides a brief overview of the properties for which Bondor’s range of insulated cores has been evaluated. For a comprehensive explanation please refer to the Technical Guides.

What is PIR?

Polyisocyanurate (PIR) is a thermoset, medium density, high strength foam, which will char when exposed to flame.

PIR is recommended for applications which require high thermal performance, FM Approval and a cyclonic rating. Bondor’s range of PIR insulated panels include MetecnoPanel®, MetecnoInspire®, MetecnoSpan® and EconoClad®

What is EPS- FR?

Expanded Polystyrene is manufactured with a fire retardant raw material (EPS-FR). The EPS-FR will melt when in contact with a flame, shrinking away from the flame and will self-extinguish when removed from the source.

EPS-FR is recommended for projects which require an efficient installation, cyclonic ratings, long spans and proven performance. Bondor’s range of EPS-FR insulated panels include BondorPanel®, InsulWall®, Equitilt®, Equideck® and SolarSpan®.

What is MW?

Mineral Wool

Mineral Wool (MW) is molten rock which has been spun into a wool-like fibre and bound with resin, the fibres trap air creating insulation; it does not burn when exposed to flame.

MW is recommended for applications which require a non-combustible building material, FM approval or AS1530.1 fire resistant walls with high thermal performance. Bondor’s primary MW insulated panel is FlameGuard®.