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Bondor Is Invested in Sustainable Environmental Performance.

Bondor® is committed to the continual improvement of our environmental practices and maintaining sustainable building practices, evident throughout involvement with PACIA’s Sustainability Leadership Development Framework. All of Bondor’s products are developed with the health of the Australian environment and community in mind. We are committed to using recyclable or reusable materials wherever possible. All of our products are non-ozone depleting and thermally efficient, which saves in energy costs and benefits the environment.


The COLORBOND® steel skins of all Bondor® insulated panels are 100% recyclable and have been made by BlueScope® Steel with 10-30% recycled scrap. Bondor uses fully reusable or recyclable EPS-FR cores for many of its products, and proudly support the ESPA (Recycling Expanded Polystyrene Australia) initiative.


Bondor’s insulated sandwich panels are installed by a combination of screws, rivets and adhesives; and can be easily dissembled to be reused and reconstructed for other applications. The mastic and/or silicone sealant which hold the panels together can be easily removed, whilst the screws and rivets which fix the panels to the steel supports and flashings can be unfastened and panels removed and reused on other building sites.


Bondor’s insulated panels contribute significantly to reducing the amount of energy used to keep Australian buildings within comfortable temperature range, as they provide reliable insulation and a wall/ceiling/roof in one product. The panels also have the ability to provide continuous insulation that reduces or eliminates thermal bridging, compared to standard framed construction methods which can have disrupted insulation (which has significant contribution of heat loss/gain through thermal bridging).

All of Bondor’s insulated sandwich panels reduce the amount of material used in the construction process, which reduces landfill over standard framed construction methods (as they’re custom made to order). Further, Bondor’s products can be constructed with minimal adhesives and sealants, which reduce potential toxins and VOCs, helping to protect Australia’s health.

Australia’s Health

Bondor’s insulated panels use non-ozone depleting pentane to blow its insulating core for EPS-FR and PIR, and the mineral fibre uses air entrapment, helping to promote a sustainable construction method to protect Australia’s future. These panels provide a consistent level of insulation that is impervious to compression, water vapor, vermin, termites and rot, which decreases the risks of structural damage whilst improving the living quality for Australia.

These insulated panel products also contribute to Australia through their ‘buildability;’ as they significantly shorten the construction times, which provides economic, social and environmental benefits to the community.

Act Local, Think Global

With manufacturing sites in each state, Bondor allows you to act local, think global. Through purchasing locally manufactured building products, including Australian BlueScope COLORBOND® steel, you are not only reducing your impact on the environment, but you will also be supporting Australian industries.

For more information on Bondor’s sustainability practices, Green Star performance or R-values, please contact us.