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What is CodeMark™?

What is CodeMark™?

The CodeMark™ Certification Scheme is a voluntary third-party certification scheme for building products that provides a method for verifying that a building product meets the nominated requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). As well as allowing a certificate to attest compliance with relevant Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS) Provisions, the scheme permits a CodeMark™ Certificate to attest the compliance of a building product with relevant Performance Requirements of the BCA.


The Aims of CodeMark™

  • Increased consumer confidence,
  • Guaranteed legislative acceptance by building authorities,
  • A timesaving consent and inspection process,
  • A clear demonstration the product meets mandatory compliance requirements – as long as the product is used in accordance with the use and limitation defined on the certificate.

Bondor Metecno and CodeMark™

Why do we use CodeMark™? As a manufacturer of innovative building products, the Bondor Metecno group gained our first CodeMark™ Certificate in April 2013 and have witnessed an increasing demand for it since then. The reason for this increased uptake, we believe is due to the fact that
  • CodeMark™ is the most stringent form of “Evidence of Suitability” under the BCA, and is top of the list for a possible hierarchy of evidence to be introduced in 2022,
  • The process of obtaining and maintaining a CodeMark™ certificate is not easy, nor can it be fast tracked. This reassures the building industry of the suppliers’ commitment to ensuring better compliance with Australian regulations. Since 2013, Bondor Metecno now maintain 13 CodeMark™ certificates for our products with each certificate covering several properties for each product such as structural, fire, energy efficiency, acoustic values and weatherability. The process involves undertaking detailed technical reviews of:
    • Product technical information and specifications,
    • Product test results by accredited laboratories,
    • Independent assessments or appraisals,
    • The product’s scope of use, – Relevant BCA provisions to be covered