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LuxeWall®& LuxeWall FlameGuard®Luxury Living


Luxury Living, Enriching Your Lifestyle

The LuxeWall® represents the pinnacle of sophistication and functioality in a wall cladding solution.  Crafted as a contemporary, lightweight insulated panel solution for residential and commercial applications.  LuxeWall® redefines the concept of luxury, meticulously crafted with a concealed fixing system designed for secure attachment to both timber and metal stud wall frames.  LuxeWall® offeres unparalleled combination of elegance, energy efficiency and durability.

The LuxeWall® colour palette`includes a range of trending architectural Matte & Metallic finishes and available in different profiles to achieve your design aspirations.  LuxeWall® 50 & 75mm can be used as a feature wall, decorative facade, general upper and lower storey walling with a 900mm wide wall module and neatly folded external corner modules, finished with a patented market first concealed fix ‘UniSmart’ architectural trim and capping system for window and door openings.

Elevate Your Walls: Where Safety Meets Style

LuxeWall FlameGuard® is an exceptional fire rated architectural wall cladding and boundary wall system crafted with a Non-combustile Mineral Wool core for unparallel safety and performance.  LuxeWall FlameGuard® achieves a 60 minute fire rating for residential (FRL 60/60/60) making it the perfect choice for residential applications requiring superior fire protection to zero lot lines, rebuilds and renovations located on the property boundary line. LuxeWall FlameGuard® ensures compliance with stringent fire safety regulations, even in scenarios where access to the exterior side of the building is limited. LuxeWall FlameGuard® isn’t just limited to residential use, its also suitable for multiresidential and commercial applications that demand a high level of fire resistance, achieving a 90 minute fire rating (FRL 90/90/90).

This makes LuxeWall® the most versatile and cost effective pre-finished designer walling product on the market.

Fast Facts
Module Width 900
BCA Compliant Yes
CodeMark™ Accredited Yes
Availability Nationally, Locally manufactured
Product LuxeWall® LuxeWall FlameGuard®
Thickness (mm) 50 75
Total R-value (m2K/W) at 15°C (Timber Framing) 1.8 2.4
Total R-value (m2K/W) at 30°C (Timber Framing) 1.9 2.5

Expanded Polystyrene with fire-retardant (EPS-FR)

Mineral Wool (MW)

Colour Palette
  • Basalt®Matt

  • Dulux Acratex Render Ready

  • Dune®Matt

  • Metallic Astro®

  • Metallic Cosmic®

  • Monument®Matt

  • Shale Grey® Matt

  • Surfmist® Matt