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The Challenges

Nudgee Close, located in Queensland, is one of the most recent residential projects from AR Developments. With a tight deadline of only two months, 40 carports and patios required, the developers had to choose a supplier of roofing insulation who were able to rise to the challenge, and chose Bondor’s 50mm and 75mm roofing Ridge Panels.

The Solution

Bondor was chosen in 2016 to provide insulated roofing for a new housing development in Nudgee. This development saw 54 x 2-storey townhouses built to provide the local area with a modern design and luxury living. Bondor used their insulated roof panel to provide a stylish finish for 40 carports and patios in this development. The project manager said Bondor roof panels were used because they are cost-effective, streamlined construction and had a BAL rating, providing safety and peace of mind. “I had been using similar products in the past, but they did not have the BAL rating, which I needed for this project. They were able to provide the best materials suited for the job”.