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Bunbury Senior High School Cafeteria

The Challenges

In the coastal port city of Bunbury, the Department of Education looked to expand the facilities at Bunbury Senior High School. The new cafeteria was to be built over an existing bank with a 10-metre dropoff, so all materials had to be sturdy, durable and lightweight.

With the building overlooking the ocean, there were also issues of corrosion to take into consideration with all building materials. Additionally, any lightweight claddings required high fire safety and thermal ratings to withstand all weather and temperature conditions.

To meet these numerous challenges, Kent Lyon Architects chose Bondor’s FlameGuard®.

The Solution

FlameGuard’s® up to a 3 Hour Fire Rating and corrosion resistant premium finishes gave the Department of Education confidence in the solution.

“FlameGuard gave us the ability to use lightweight materials, then build an elevated structure and scaffolding around to create an enclosure for that building without the need for expensive and heavy materials,” Mr Lyon said.

The cladding used covered exposed beams with varying depths and needed thermal insulation within as well as reducing exposure to corrosion.

“Another major deciding factor was the 25-year warranty, which gave us all the assurances to reduce ongoing maintenance for years to come, especially with the weather elements it’s exposed to.”

“Not just for myself, but the builders appreciated all the input and work standards the Bondor site team provided,” Mr Lyon said.