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Carwoola Patio

The Challenges

Renovating an older house always comes with the challenge of modernising it, maintaining original styling. Renovations of this Carwoola home included an extended rumpus room and outdoor horseshoe entertaining area that needed roofing that maintained airflow to capture breezes and keep the area comfortable year-round.

Speed, efficiency and cost were major factors, as well as needing an option that would still let in light, and airflow.

Building suppliers Canberra Building Supplies chose Bondor’s SolarSpan® Monument with Ashwood Ceiling and 3 x Naturelite strips to build out this design and tick all boxes.

The Solution

The speed and ease of construction for Bondor’s SolarSpan® was the first thing noted in the construction of this wood grain finish patio roofing solution. SolarSpan® also provided more thermal efficiency, blocking out the heat while also providing an option for a skylight to let in more light, which at night could be turned into lights as an added feature. The look of the wood grain being what tipped the homeowners to choosing this option. Furthermore, this was a more affordable alternative to other roofing solutions on the market.

The self-spanning capabilities across the whole distance of the patio, without the need for any extra support, was also an advantage for greater floor space.

This roofing solution provided a seamless design to the rest of the property, pre-fit cladding for ease of installation, added spacing benefits, thermal efficiency and a cost-effective solution, beating out competitor cladding solutions.

Igor Blazeski, the owner of Canberra Building Supplies who oversaw the materials used for this project, said the homeowners were thrilled with the project, which has increased the value of their property substantially.

“Ever since we saw how easy it was for the product to be installed and how great the finish looked, we’ve been recommending Bondor to anyone looking for building supplies,” Mr Blazeski said.

SolarSpan® is Australia’s leading insulated roof panel ideal for insulated patios, insulated pergolas, verandas, decks, carports, garages and homes. SolarSpan® is perfect for low pitch flat patio roofs at 2 degrees and its superior comfort, sleek aesthetic, cyclonic approval, long unsupported spans and ease of installation makes it highly sought after from architects, developers and building designers.