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Coles Coomera – PIR Insulated Roofing with SecureLap End Lap

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The Challenges

European end lap systems for insulated roofing rely on sealant which can be often compromised during installation and from expansion/contraction post-install. This can lead to serious issues with water ingress into buildings and especially in Australia’s harsh climate corrosion of end lapped sheets due to condensation & movement, usually not covered by steel suppliers forcing costly replacement which raises issues by building owners as to who is i.e. designer, builder, installer or premisise owner.

The Solution

Bondor’s innovative and world-first patented SecureLap End Lapping System removes this concern with multi-layer approach to protection against water ingress and expansion and contraction. Bondor’s SecureLap system is designed with a thick profiled mechanical gasket, an integrated roof expansion and contraction slider and allows enough height for roof pans to be turned up for blocking water from entering a building.