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Double Take

The Challenges

In 2017, in Sydney NSW, the Sydney Contemporary Art Fair took place between the 7th-10th of September, where more than 30,000 visitors attended to revel in and enjoy dozens of art installations from both local and international artists. Commissioned by Deutsche Bank, the art installation ‘Camera Obscura’ walk-in installation was designed as an illusion where the mirrored view appears upside down and in reverse so that skyscrapers hang from the ceiling, and people walk on the roof. Due to the versatility of Bondor panels, the architect used Bondor’s SolarSpan roofing and walling panels for the installation.

The Solution

The artist/project manager, said they used Bondor’s products as the “panels fit seamlessly together to make it quick, easy and reliable. It had to be constructed on site and clad in the mirror panels and the lighting complete in just 2.5 days as well as being able to be de constructed easily. “Because the Bondor panels are easy to work with, we could make a movable central panel that by day had a mirror acrylic panel and by night a frosted acrylic sheet. Because the panelling was light, we could ‘float’ it above the ground with minimum weight bearing. The Bondor sheets also made adhering mirror acrylic with 3M tape easy.”