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Energy Efficient Equinox® Roofing

The Challenges

The University of Queensland were conscious of designing an iconic walkway that not only provided safe and comfortable passage for students from public infrastructure to their tertiary facilties but could utilise the same infrastructure to harness solar energy to improve their power consumption footprint.

The Solution

Bondor’s Equinox® solar integrated roofing system was selected by the architect & contracted builder to provide a unique solution with multiple advantages.

Equinox® was able to satisfy the design criteria delivering a seamless and flat roof and ceiling profile in a university themed metallic gold. Functionally, significant advantages were made possible through Equinox® superior thermal comfort shielding students from the sun on their walk to class, while simultaneously harnessing the sun to generate solar power for the campus through Equinox’s integrated solar PV system delivering cost savings, energy efficiency and a greener operational status for the University of Queensland.