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Hambleton St Albert Park

The Challenges

This Victorian cottage located on a constrained block in Melbourne’s highly desirable Albert Park posed some challenges when creating an expansive, luxurious living space for a family. Not only was the original building only 4.5m wide, but side setback restrictions, height limitations and the Heritage Overlay restricted opportunities for further expansions or a double storey solution. The construction and finished project also needed to consider the impact on neighbours.  

Building Designer, Mat Elkan Design approached Bondor for a cost-effective architectural cladding solution that would be stylish, heat retaining and meet FRL & NCC requirements when built to the boundary. The adjoining dwellings were built up to the property boundary which created difficulties with access for construction. The cladding solution needed to be installable without access to the neighbour’s side of the wall.

The Solution

To ensure the result took advantage of every square metre, Bondor recommended the LuxeWall® FlameGuard® solution — an impressive 3-hour fire-rating wall panel ideal for residences that are built right to the boundary. Building Designer, Mat Elkan Design, along with Builder Clear Cut Building agreed with this solution and were thrilled with the ease of construction and finished product.

Using durable and long-lasting COLORBOND® steel, the LuxeWall® FlameGuard® application also brought a luxury feel to the build. 

Thanks to LuxeWall® FlameGuard®’s Code Mark certification & FRL certification, building approval was achieved despite the minimal boundary.  

Mat Elkan, of Mat Elkan Design, said that “the insulation properties of the panels also exceeded other alternatives we considered, and having a certified fire rated boundary wall (FRL 60/60/60) solution simplified things enormously.”   

The property also featured custom-cranked corner panels that were tailored by Bondor for ease of installation on site.  

“Having a finished panel ready to stand up was hugely beneficial because it meant we didn’t need to access the neighbouring property,” Mat said. 

The minimal thickness of the LuxeWall® FlameGuard® solution was also incredibly helpful as it maximised the internal space by reducing the area uptake of the walls. Bondor LuxeWall® FlameGuard® solution meant they could design a luxurious, spacious living space without being hampered by the size of the block.