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Honeyworks House

The Challenges

In Geebung, a single, detached house was demolished and rebuilt, aiming for a mid-century style home in keeping with the surrounding suburban look of similar motifs, brickwork and detailing.

Constrained by a smaller budget and with high-set homes on either side of it, the scale of this single storey house was elevated so that it sat comfortably in the street. It also included high ceilings with light and airy spaces inside to keep the home feeling open.

This required more pre-construction design planning than most simple house builds to ensure the right products could be used for the project.

With budget and space constraints in mind, Paul Butterworth opted for a carport instead of a built-in garage to preserve the unique design elements of the home. 

Paul Butterworth, the Principal Architect from Paul Butterworth Architect chose Bondor’s SolarSpan® to create a sleek carport with a lightweight look and feel.


As featured on episode 1 of 9Life’s Renovate or Rebuild.

The Solution

“It was particularly important for us to create a non-structurally intensive carport that didn’t detract from the house,” Paul said.

“SolarSpan panel was perfect to get that large span, nice thin contour to the street as well as creating a nice synergy with the house’s indoor cladding. Design continuity between the two elements was important and Bondor’s competitors didn’t offer that feature with their products.

“SolarSpan coupled with some express steelwork and a Y-column was the perfect recipe to create a stylish carport out the front of the house, which is the first thing people will see when arriving, without detracting from the house’s design.”

Paul also praised SolarSpan’s longspan capability and slender, elegant finish as one of the other deciding factors.

“Bondor’s documentation and upfront structural capability assessments is also really good. The resources we had on hand to make design assessments at the early stage was really helpful in giving us confidence that the products we chose were right for the project,” Paul said.

Paul has worked using Bondor’s products across multiple projects, including prefab module housing to townhouses, terrace houses and single bespoke architectural homes for boutique clients, with some currently under construction. 


Images: © Christopher Frederick Jones