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Lady Galway, Enoggera

The Challenges

Semi-retired resident Kay was looking for a house that would be her forever home. However, not finding one to suit, she approached Jamin Design Group and Petroff Constructions to help  her create a mid-century modern home with a twist. 

Kay shared her portfolio of ideas with Jamin Design Group, who designed a unique home to bring to life Kay’s vision. Karl Petroff from Petroff Constructions made the home a reality, brining the outside in using Bondor’s SolarSpan® and InsulWall®. 

As seen on the fourth episode of 9Life’s Open Homes Australia season 5.

The Solution

Karl decided to incorporate InsulWall® and SolarSpan® roofing to ensure cross flow ventilation without the need for air conditioning thanks to the insulation value of the all-in-one insulated sandwich panelling. 

“Kay was looking to incorporate a mid-century modern look, blending an industrial feel into modern InsulLiving,” Karl said. 

Bondor’s InsulLiving® system combines the revolutionary, lightweight and strong InsulWall® and SolarSpan® panels, which together form a complete thermal shell to protect the home from extreme hot and cold weather. 

“What makes Bondor’s SolarSpan® so special is its insulation properties. Not only do they create a open, industrial feel, Kay’s house does not require air conditioning.

“The roofing panels interlock easily with the wall panels to form a complete thermally efficient shell. Combined with high level louvers to allow airflow, the home is naturally cooled to remain comfortable throughout the year.”

Kay’s home is her oasis – a place to keep her special memories and packed full of personality. 

“Kay loves her knick knacks, so her home has been purpose designed to reflect her travels. She is pleased to have a space to display her treasures and special memories,” Karl said.