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Marsden Park – Trend Connection Homes

The Challenges

The Marsden Park development was designed with the Western Sydney market in mind, looking for first class, high quality finishes and exceptional value. Standard lightweight cladding did not appeal, and brickwork was too costly with discerning buyers wanting that luxury finish at a great price point.  

Trend Connection Homes were tasked with building a four-bedroom, double garage, 247m2 home on a 300 m2 lot. This home needed to be specifically designed to maximise the small lot with a 10-metre width, but still maintaining bonus features such as a double lock-up garage, media room and a study. 

The building materials had to meet the requirements of a smaller lot, while meeting cost restrictions and maintaining an overall sleek and modern look. Simplicity and speed in construction was key on this small lot, to avoid access issues with neighbouring homes and fencing. 

Trend Connection Homes chose Bondor’s LuxeWall® to meet these challenges. 

The Solution

Trend Connection Homes Operations Manager David Sims said, “With Bondor’s LuxeWall®, not only does the product have the premium finish that our buyers are looking for, it saves weeks on cost of scaffolding during construction and offers simplicity in installation. 

“For this display home, the whole upper floor is LuxeWall®, and being a small lot, close to boundaries, we were able to complete the build without affecting the neighbours. 

“We were able to achieve that ever desirable weatherproof lockup in a single process, with no multiple trades required with this system.” 

LuxeWall®’s high-performance integrated insulation also delivers superior thermal performance helping to lower energy usage form inefficient heating and cooling that in Australian households contributes up to 40 per cent of resident’s energy bills, saving them money in the long run. 

Architects, developers and building designers appreciate this advanced lightweight cladding technology for its architectural beauty and climate control benefits, for sustainable and budget conscious projects.