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Melton Beach House

The Challenges

Despite its location in Melton on Melbourne’s western rural–urban fringe, homeowner and building designer Jessica wanted to create a home with a beach house feel. A mum of three, Jessica’s vision was for a home that was not only sleek and modern, but also one that felt open, spacious, and able to accommodate her family and friends.  

With time to make up after COVID-related restrictions delaying build time, Jessica needed products that were quick and easy to install while making efficient use of the available space and giving plenty of natural lighting.  

As seen on the eighth episode of 9Life’s Open Homes Australia season 5. 


The Solution

Jessica decided to incorporate Bondor’s InsulRoof® and LuxeWall® in the design and construction of her home, giving it a modern and monochrome look and feel. 

“Although I live in Melton, I still wanted a beach house. Using the available space, I decided to build something similar to a beach house – something with a modern feel in the suburbs,” Jessica said 

 Jessica opted for LuxeWall® on the exterior of the upper floor to take advantage of the panel’s advanced lightweight cladding technology and decorative COLORBOND® 

Basalt finish, offering a cost effective and sustainable addition to the build. 

“I went with LuxeWall® on the upper level to complement the concrete panels on the lower level, which gave a slick, modern look to the home.”  

 “Using LuxeWall® prevented the need to build layers upon layers in the understory, keeping things light and fitting the sleek design.” 

 Jessica also incorporated Bondor’s InsulRoof ® panels in the COLORBOND®  Surf Mist.  

 “InsulRoof ® panels were the perfect inclusion to our design thanks to their span across our rooftop and low maintenance,” Jessica said.  

“We were able to incorporate this roofing solution to ensure we maintained the valuable natural light and regulated temperature.” 

 Despite not living on the beach, Jessica achieved her dream beach house – an open-plan home with plenty of natural lighting and space.