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Panelup Patios, Wollongong

The Challenges

A local Wollongong family approached Panelup Patios to build two patio roofs, including a fly-over roof for a second storey balcony and a large backyard patio cover to create a luxury entertainment area. 

With the older house being recently renovated and cosmetically improved, and a massive backyard used by the family and their pets, their days were ruined by rain and hot summer heat.  

The family needed something that would provide adequate shelter, stave off the heat and seamlessly complement their recent renovation. 

Panelup Patios Director Sasha Veselinovic visited the project to gauge the best solution for the family’s request and instantly decided on Bondor’s SolarSpan® (100mm panels) in COLORBOND’s Surfmist ceiling and COLORBOND’s Paperbark for the roofing’s top layer. 

The Solution

Once the product was decided, Sasha went back to the office, and prepared a full 3D plan which the owners could open on their app to see what they would be getting. VR googles also allowed a project walkthrough prior to the build. 

“All the Bondor products including the SolarSpan are designed as BIM models, so it’s fairly easy to incorporate them into any new project and see exactly what the client would be getting’s and how it would be installed,” Sasha said. 

“The aesthetics, durability, insulation and no maintenance for the family made this an easy decision for everyone involved. What more could you want from panelling? 

“For us as patio installers, it’s the speed that is one of the major deciding factors. From start to finish, this build was only three days, one team required, and no need for painters or carpenters to erect any timbers, which is fairly quick considering the size of the roof.” 

Sasha also noted that traditional builds of this nature would otherwise typically take three times longer and would require a few different trades. 

The owners loved the end result as well. 

“The owners were impressed with the insulation properties, large span of panels and overall look and aesthetics of the product, plus the great value it would add to their home,” Sasha said. 

Impressed with the build, Sasha said they would be working with Bondor again in future, including building prefab homes and large projects in the work using Bondor’s panels. For the Panelup Patio division, they are currently building two patios per week with Bondor’s panels with further expansion plans in the works.