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Parkdale, Victoria

The Challenges

Located south-east of Melbourne’s CBD, Parkdale is a mix of older character and contemporary homes with a beachside vibe due to its proximity to Parkdale and Mordilloc beaches.

Homeowners David and Nana Buntin were looking to build a home with maximum visual impact in keeping with Parkdale’s housing mix, while achieving superior sustainability and affordability during both the build and over the lifetime of the home.

Motivated by the high insulation and sustainability attributes of the product, the Buntin’s chose LuxeWall® for all external facades on the impressive two-storey home.

The Buntin’s design for a two-storey home with a 150m2 footprint on a 260m2 block also presented additional challenges, from site restrictions during the build affecting neighbouring properties to achieving the desired internal ceiling heights while meeting external height restrictions.

As the owner of a high-end patio building business Outside Concepts, David was familiar with InsulRoof® roofing panels, which was chosen to provide a solution to maximising internal ceiling heights in the finished home.

The Solution

The Buntin’s chose LuxeWall® panelling with a VJ profile in a COLORBOND® Matte Monument finish to create a very striking, very tactile facade to the ground level. LuxeWall®’s cranked corners and unique concealed fixed system for a seamless finish also saw the panel used around the main pillar on the front porch.

Fire-rated LuxeWall® FlameGuard® panels were used on the western side ground floor where the laundry wall was located against the property boundary, providing for the 60/60/60 FRL required for this wall.

The upper storey of the home featured LuxeWall® in COLORBOND® Matte Surfmist finish, with a mixture of VJ and smooth panel façade profiles, to create a striking contrast while also feeling quite at home in the neighbourhood.

Nana said she wanted to achieve more comfortable living without spending a lot of money on energy bills.

“It’s from my background in Scandinavia, where houses are built to be a lot more energy efficient than what I’ve seen over in Australia,” she said.

LuxeWall® creates the ultimate thermal barrier delivering superior climate control and comfort. It reduces energy usage for heating and cooling due to its superior thermal performance and air-leakage control through interlocking wall modules.

David said he chose 150mm InsulRoof® panels for the roof as the product is a self-supporting structure, eliminating the need for roof trusses.

“It’s simple to use. It’s well insulated. And there’s no painting or anything that needs to be done to it. It’s got a COLORBOND® steel exterior roof layer, EPS-FR rigid insulation core with a pre-finished COLORBOND® ceiling underside.

“It’s just a matter of fitting on top of the actual frame of the house. It’s faster to install than conventional roofing as it’s an all-in-one panel.

“Both LuxeWall® and InsulRoof® offer speed of construction as the prefabricated panels are lifted and locked into place, eliminating the need for more traditional labour-intensive processes,” he said.

David was so impressed with LuxeWall® and InsulRoof® that he is again using both products on a second home he currently has under construction.