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Riverslea Homes

The Challenges

Creating a contemporary, stylish home that captured spectacular views of East Gippsland’s spectacular Ninety Mile Beach, Lake Tyers and the surrounding mountains, while achieving a mandatory 6 Star Energy Rating and Bushfire Attack building requirements (BAL), was both an opportunity and challenge for Riverslea Homes.

The design brief was for a very modern home that capitalised as much as possible on the sweeping waterfront views of the 90-mile beach. There was a strong appetite for a blend of complementary cladding to further enhance the architecture.

Bushfire attack was another challenging feature at the site, given that the East Gippsland Shire is currently rated at the second highest level in the BAL rating. Water tightness and weatherproof cladding performance was another important factor given the home’s exposed coastal location.

Check out this stunning project, as featured on Open Homes Australia here.

The Solution

Achieving the 6 Star energy rating is always an accomplishment with the region’s southern coastline inviting south facing view windows. The 426mArchitectural Double Storey Home comprises four bedrooms, two bathrooms, expansive living areas and structurally challenging rooflines.

“The homeowners, the McEntee family, bought their own initial design to the table, from there we did some serious design refinement work, followed by intense engineering,” Riverslea Homes owner Peter Grundy said.

“This is where Bondor’s LuxeWall® cladding really came into its own, especially in the upper story areas. Achieving the 6 Star Energy Rating with the expanse of south facing glass was always going to be a process, every incremental performance gain was going to be critically important.

“Of the five individual claddings selected by the owners LuxeWall® offered the highest thermal performance-rating gain by a considerable margin.”

LuxeWall®’s bushfire attack resistance capabilities are a huge step forward in this environment as well, especially in this region that lived through the recent New Year’s Bushfires. To further combat water tightness and weaterproof cladding performance, LuxeWall®’s concealed fixing method combined with its unique sealed jointing system and most importantly the window trim system, was the easy answer.

Mr Grundy said the biggest game changer from using the LuxeWall® system was the speed of installation, particularly on the home’s upper levels.

“We were able achieve that ever desirable weatherproof lockup in a single process, with no multiple trades required with this system. The support and advice from Bondor prior to installation really made me wonder why other cladding manufacturers don’t offer the same around their products.”

LuxeWall® is a high-performance lightweight walling product with architectural exterior finishes that is raising the bar for upmarket exterior finishes to the modern Australian home. It offers an innovative cladding system all new home buyers should consider given Luxewall® ’s BAL & Thermal qualities, simplicity and speed of installation and superb weather resistance performance.