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Rosebud, Mornington Peninsula

The Challenges

The seaside town of Rosebud on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula was a yearly destination for Andrew Cipriano, Construction Manager at SJD Homes, and his large family, including five children. After a period of living overseas, Andrew and his family decided to make Rosebud their permanent home.

Andrew, who has been building and selling on the peninsula for the last 10 years, was familiar with Rosebud and was able to secure an ample sized block to build his dream family home, a modern take on a coastal home.

The large block had flat frontage with a steep metre ‘step down’ to the flat rear of the block, and there were also some access issues due to the proximity of overhead wires from the street and neighbouring blocks.

Being a tradesman, Andrew was also aware of a looming timber shortage and was seeking for roofing and cladding products that were not only available but would also save time on the build.

Andrew chose Bondor’s SolarSpan® and LuxeWall® to meet these challenges.

The Solution

Bondor’s SolarSpan® insulated roofing panels and LuxeWall® wall cladding panels worked together to perform a highly efficient, aesthetically pleasing solution to the range of challenges Andrew and the team were facing.

SolarSpan® insulated roofing panels provided a lightweight and easy to install solution, eliminating the need for timber trusses which were in short supply, ensuring there were no delays to Andrew’s build.

SolarSpan® is Australia’s leading insulated roofing panel offering long-spans, low pitch and high thermal efficiency to satisfy Section J requirements in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

“SolarSpan® was the perfect solution; we were able to install the roof in just two days with five tradesmen passing up the lightweight sheets from the road due to the overhead access issues,” Andrew said.

“It’s an all-in-one panel including the ceiling, and it interlocked with the LuxeWall® external cladding for a clean and seamless finish.  Both were easy to work with and any carpenter can figure it out quickly.

LuxeWall® is a high-performance, lightweight wall cladding product with luxury exterior finishes for residential projects.

“The roofing and façade cladding offered a simple palette that worked well together, and we were able to carry through the internal ceiling finishes to the exterior patio area, for nice cohesion between the indoor and outdoor spaces.”

Andrew was able to create an open, light living and kitchen area at the rear of the home with 3.6 metre ceilings by following the ‘step down’ block, with the SolarSpan® panels allowing for long unsupported spans without the need for internal load bearing walls.

Andrew said the interlocking SolarSpan® and LuxeWall® panels offered excellent thermal insulation for hot summer days.

“The insulation benefits of the cladding, keeping the house incredibly cool during hot summer days, is another reason these two products were ideal for us.”

“With the LuxeWall® cladding, it’s got crank corners, so there are no flashings on the external corners, everything interlocks nice and seamlessly.

“All the fixings are from behind, so you don’t actually see any of the fixings for a nice smooth and clean finish,” he said.