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St Kilda Football Club

The Challenges

The 146-year-old St Kilda Football Club, nicknamed the ‘Saints’, was a foundation member of the Victorian Football League (VFL) in 1897 and is a stalwart of today’s Australian Football League (AFL). In 2018 St Kilda’s spiritual home in Moorabbin, RSEA Safety Park, underwent a two-stage, $30 million redevelopment of its training and administration headquarters that has housed the club since 1965. Bondor’s widely adopted MetecnoSpan® insulated roofing was specified for the facility’s 5000m2 roof and insulated box gutters. The roof and gutter installation required fast construction, with project completion due before the 2019 football season kicked off, a task the team at Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC), were not afraid to tackle.

The Solution

Bondor’s insulated PIR core roofing MetecnoSpan® was selected for the project due to the products’ speed of installation, short manufacturing lead times from Melbourne, as well as comprehensive warranties and meeting the high thermal performance requirements for both R values and air leakage testing.

PPC project manager, Cameron Pryde, said the long spanning MetecnoSpan® insulated roof product was an all-in-one solution that reduced labour and the project install time with a product that includes the roof, insulation and a prefinished ceiling in a single installation. This is not normally achieved with a traditional built-up roof system which consists of multiple layers of roof sheeting, bulk insulation on a foil and mesh ceiling. The building’s thermal requirements were easily achieved with MetecnoSpan®’s extremely high R5.0 thermal rating.

“Locally made long roof panel lengths were also a great benefit as PPC used up to 20m roof panels which enabled us to install more square metres per day , helping us meet the tight installation timeline,” he said.

In addition, to meet the building’s thermal performance requirements, traditional box gutters required significant insulation, as a result insulated gutter system was fabricated locally using the MetecnoPanel® insulated box gutter system, which eliminated the need heat welding and allowed speedy installation of long 12.5m lengths. The interface between the gutters and the roof end lapping system created an air tight seal where thermal leakage can typically occur.

After installing the product and air testing the entire building, the MetecnoSpan® and MetecnoPanel® passed with ease.