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V Residence

The Challenges

A Brisbane family approached TONIC Architecture and Design to create a home that would work for their growing family; that was functional and filled with light and ventilation, capturing views while maintaining privacy. 

The existing 1970s era brick house featured city glimpses and a connected backyard, with high ceilings, sculpted voids, and an abundance of natural light inside. However, the home was orientated in wrong direction with living areas facing east and the backyard facing west. The lower level of the home also had the incorrect ceiling height and limited connection between the living areas. 

The family did not want to lose the elements of the existing house they liked such as the brick and mid-century modern style. They envisaged a renovated home that suited the lifestyle needs of a large busy family – a light filled sanctuary, offering escape for both parents and children whilst surrounded by greenery, trees, and landscaping.   

After viewing the property, TONIC Architecture and Design’s Managing Director Matthew Riley proposed an extension to the home to include a new double volume kitchen and dining space on the southern side of the home. This space was designed to connect the existing living spaces. The extension also featured a raised clerestory roof to capture the northern sun.  

As seen on the second episode of 9Life’s Open Homes Australia season 5. 

The Solution

Matthew decided to incorporate SolarSpan® roofing on the extended portion of the home, reducing need for large structural elements. 

“The SolarSpan® roofing in COLORBOND’s Surfmist enabled a simple clearspan roof, providing great insulation for the living space,” Matthew said.  

“In addition, we used Bondor Panels as window hoods on the existing house to link the new additions to the existing home. Bondor’s panels provided excellent weather protection and sun shading for existing window openings, creating a new and modern look for the home. 

“Having pre-finished products meant the ease of construction and time saving with the installation. The insulation properties were also considered when deciding to incorporate SolarSpan® panels.” 

The family was impressed with the meticulous design of the new area and the seamless integration with the existing home.  

“The owners were pleased with their new home, which catered for the whole family, and their busy lifestyle. The final product exceeded their expectations and vision of what was possible,” Matthew said.  

Matthew was impressed with the completed build, and credited the ease of using Bondor’s SolarSpan® and pre-finished panels in the home extension to meet the client’s ‘must-have’s.’ TONIC Architecture and Design regularly use Bondor products and will continue to do so in a range of upcoming projects.