When challenged for building in a climate such as North Queensland, the solution for PBS Building Pty Ltd was found in Bondor's SolarSpan®.

Bondor®, Australia's leader in thermal building solutions, was engaged to supply 10,000m2 of SolarSpan® roofing panels for the Airlie Beach Townhouse Development.


This flexible product was selected due to its thermal efficiency and ability to withstand cyclonic weather, while maintaining an aesthetically appealing design for the complex.PBS Building's Airlie Beach Townhouse Development comprises of 21 block townhouses, with 69 townhouses in total and two three-storey apartment blocks.


The 125mm SolarSpan® roof panels were sloped at varying pitches between three and five degrees for all roofs, including carports and patios.

10,000m2 of SolarSpan® panels were delivered to the Manooka Drive site cut to length ex-factory for easier installation, meaning earlier occupancy.


The SolarSpan® roofing is a composite three-in-one roofing system which combines a standard high tensile COLORBOND® steel for the top skin/roof.


These high strength BlueScope® steel skins are bonded to a slab of non-ozone depleting expanded polystyrene.

For more information on SolarSpan®, please call 1300 300 099.